Summer Garden Series – Post #2

Just a quick update on our seeds and garden planning…

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It’s been two weeks since we planted the seeds…and so far…NOTHING.


Literally nothing…so we’ve planted a 3rd seed in each spot and added more dirt.

We also decided on cauliflower for the final row. I picked up some asparagus, too. Mom grew some years ago, but we kept mowing it off…so here’s hoping that stops happening.

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So we’re on “take 2” with the seeds and we have asparagus planted. And I got to make a fantastic fashion statement in a dress and rain boots. It was straight fab! If you’re thinking to yourself…”Now that’s a fashion statement I want to make…” you should totally check out some of the sweet rain boots on amazon. I think I need like 15 new pairs! 🙂

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We’ve also started talking about companion planting. I’ll definitely need to spend some time researching that more and coming up with some next steps if another week goes by with no seeds sprouting. I might try talking to them…that’s a proven thing…right?!?!?


Check out the first post in the Summer Garden Series!! Review, review, blog logoMy grandmother got this flyer and coupon in the mail and passed it along to me! Typically I’ve found that pet store prices are considerably higher than other stores…but I was pleasantly surprised at the prices and variety!, flyer, mailing, coupon, flyer, mailing, coupon

I recently switched Cinder (my devilish dog) to Beneful because she insists on eating the dog food at my mom’s when her dogs leave any behind. Typically, I buy the 31 pound bag for $26.99 at Rural King…so that wasn’t a huge savings at $26.98…but I’m a believer that pennies add up. I also purchased flea treatment for $23.57. It was the Pet Armor brand and was a package of four. I usually buy it at Walmart in a package that is $23.88 for three. That saved me $8.29!


On top of that, the mailing had a coupon for $15 off a $49 purchase and free shipping…so overall I saved $23.28…basically making the flea treatment free on this shopping trip!!


I did a little “window shopping” while on their site as well! The toy prices are great! I particularly like Kong cozies, which are very durable stuffed toys that come in different types of animals. Cinder usually kills stuffed animals pretty quickly, but those things last! On they’re anywhere from $4.99 or less. I know I’ve spent $8-$9 on them at different stores before.


I placed the order on March 23rd…it shipped the same day and was delivered the next day! Here are some pics of the purchase and of Cinder licking the box! She was ready to get to that food! The box was tightly packed, and everything arrived in good condition., dog, beneful, dog food,


I will definitely be shopping with again! And don’t you just love this sticker!


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Thrifting fun…

One of my all, all, all time favorite things is thrifting! You never know what you’re going to stumble onto. It’s a treasure hunt…and one that’s cheap! It’s ruined me for all other shopping. Why pay $40 for a single pair of jeans, when you can get a cart full for that amount at Goodwill!


I love that my friends have pretty much stopped asking where I got a certain dress or purse…because they know the answer will be the thrift! Love it!

So I got to thinking that it would be even better if I could find an even cheaper way to do it…so I wondered if I could pick up a few things for myself and one or two things that I could sell to cover the cost of the entire purchase…

I bought the Old Navy dress, New York and Company top, and the Sweet & Sinful cardigan and planning on listing the Banana Republic cardigan on ebay for $25.

But after listing it a few times with no hits, I wore it to work one day (cause who could resist that cardigan) and a friend say it and wanted it! In the end, I sold it for $10.

So I paid for one of my purchases with what I made! A definite win…and totally worth trying again!

Summer Garden Series – Post #1


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So this year I decided that instead of having a garden at my house and trying to help mom with hers, that we should just make her garden bigger and pool our resources into one space. Because I am currently renting, I’m not a fan of pouring money into permanent improvements there (aka…continued cultivating of the garden space in my yard)…the area is rock solid hard, gets too little sunlight, requires me to rent a tiller each summer, and is surrounded by wood from old railroad ties.


We’re kicking it off by starting some seeds inside for vegetables that we’d typically buy as plants from the store. Because I keep my house so cold, it wasn’t a great place to use…so mom will get to babysit our little seedlings.

We’re using egg cartons to begin with so I’ve just been collecting them for a couple of weeks. I just punched little holes in the bottom of each section to allow for some drainage.  I wanted to use dirt that was specifically for starting seeds, but the store I was in didn’t have any so I went with the Miracle-Gro potting soil. I wanted to stick with Ace Hardware for these purchases because they had dirt and seeds on sales, as a rewards member I had a coupon for $5 off of $25 , and this store purchase allows me to earn Buzz points through my bank account (I’ll explain more about this in another post!!). I’ve included my receipt so you can see the breakdowns.


I also purchased some additional seeds that we’ll want once we start to plant because they were on sale and because I wanted to buy the popcorn seeds while I knew they had them. I’m prone to forget things from time to time! =)

I picked a spot on mom’s front porch that gets great light! I filled the cartons with the soil outside and slightly moistened the dirt by covering the nozzle on the watering can with my finger to control the amount coming out. I wanted it damp but not soupy. I’ve read that a spray bottle is a great tool for getting that desired consistency, but we’re going with  what we’ve got.

Once inside, I put two seeds in each space, with one row each of each plant. We have one row left to use that we may use for cauliflower or broccoli. I’ve never tried growing either plants so we’ll see where we land on that one!!

After planting, I used the same watering technique and left the seedling starters to cook! Depending on how the process goes, I might consider growing seedlings to sell at a farmers market or to friends next year…always looking for opportunities to earn $$ while doing what already needs done!


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