Summer Garden Series – Post #3

We’re definitely making some progress on prepping for this summer’s garden!

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Growing Seeds

Look how far our little seedlings are coming along! We’re basically *THRILLED*!! I was doubting that it was going to work…as you might recall I was even thinking about talking to the seeds just to get them to start growing. The only thing that didn’t grow was the cauliflower, but I’m planning to soak the seeds first and then plant them straight into the garden soil. Maybe the second time will be the charm on those! 🙂

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We haven’t gotten the garden tilled yet, but we do have the extension portion marked out…and we have a plan for how to lay out the plants. I did some research on companion planting that I tried to follow in the design. It seemed like a lot of the designs I saw, that were the most helpful in picturing how best to do it, left you with lots of plants intermingled. I feel like I’m too Type-A to handle that disorder though…I’m torn between the potential for a better yield and a total hate for disorder…not surprisingly the hate for disorder is going to win. A compromise of effectiveness and orderliness (which is always much nicer to look at in my fantastic opinion) is going to be called for. 🙂

garden layout, pinching dimes

We also have our compost ready just as soon as we get the soil prepped! I’m in the process of moving (I know!?!? Right!??! More details to follow.) and I won’t have the space to take my compost bin with me….which means I’ve already sold it…and I needed to clean it out. Therefore, we have some buckets waiting to be used.


Upcycled Randomness

While trying to clean out some flower beds at mom’s, I came across  this hose that didn’t work anymore so I turned it into a couple of wreaths. Once we add some flowers or some gardening tools from the dollar store they will be super cute! I think I’m going to try to sell them on facebook or craigslist once I get it all put together.

Another upcycle is this piece from an old bed frame we had as kids. It’s been sitting in the basement for years. Time to let it see the light of day and to grow some veggies on it!

We’ve also started using this little milk jug as a watering can. The one we were using was letting the water come out with a little too much force for our little plants so we snagged this jug from Grandma’s!

I can’t wait to get things in the ground and really get the garden season started! I’ll update with pics as soon as we get it together!

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