Yard Sale Extravaganza!!

Yard Sale, pinching dimes, frugal yard sale tips

I mentioned in last week’s post that I’m in the process of moving! I’ve been looking, mostly very casually, for probably about a year or so. The market here is a bit cray – definitely a sellers’ market, and houses go very very quickly for very high numbers.

At some point in the process, I felt the draw to just peek at what buying options might be like at the lake…and much to my surprise the value there was so much better.

So the prayer process began about whether or not this might be a step the Lord was leading me to take…and now I’m about to own a house near the water! 🙂

Naturally, I find myself in a mad dash to get rid of some things that cannot make the trip with me – hence, a yard sale!

Yard Sale, pinching dimes, frugal yard sale tips

Pricing was a little hectic, as the packing process has also begun and space is a bit limited. I started with just a pile of things as I sorted through each room and closet in the rental. I ended up deciding to create a $0.50 table and put the majority of the small items there. I also thought it’d be simplest to just make each item of clothing $1.00.

As I was getting ready, I read a really great blog post with some sale tips that I thought were really insightful! You can check out the post here. Some of the biggest takeaways for me were about having music playing to create a comfortable environment and about greeting everyone. I hadn’t really thought of a yard sale as a business opportunity of sorts (even though I know that’s essentially what it is), but the better you can serve your “shoppers” the better your sale will go! I also made sure to have bags available to anyone that needed one and offered to carry any purchases to my shoppers cars!

Frugal Tip #1

To save money on signage, I cut one of the smaller boxes I had for packing into two flat pieces and used those as signs. I live on a street between two roads that are pretty busy so I hung one on each end of the street. Very cheap and very effective! Two “shoppers” specifically mentioned seeing them.

Yard Sale, pinching dimes, frugal yard sale tips

Frugal Tip #2

I’m currently fundraising for a mission trip, mostly through selling pop and water…so I thought having drinks out at the sale would be a great opportunity to earn some for the trip as well, but I didn’t want to waste money on ice. I decided to get creative and fill some plastic cups with water to freeze and used that instead. It lasted pretty well in the cooler! However, temps were fairly cool – so I sold no pop! Doubly glad I didn’t buy the ice!

The Sale Results

My first purchase happened before things even started…I was actually still trying to set things out! I made $21 on that one alone. Though I think the lady asked me at least one question per dollar spent. There were definitely some real characters that dropped in…some arguing couples, a guy on a motorcycle that walked around with his helmet on (which made the banker in me have to fight not to ask him to take it off so I could see his face), and a stray dog that insisted on running back and forth through my yard. Cinder wasn’t thrilled with anyone of it! 🙂

In the end, I got rid of lots of stuff and made about $95! Not too bad for a quick one day sale!

I’ve also been selling items through facebook and craigslist too, so I’ll share more about that soon!

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