Work Wardrobe #2


A little update on my goal of upping my work wardrobe game….

Shopping the Closet

So since I decided that I should do that adult thing (or is it??) and not just run out and buy stuff…more exciting but far less budget friendly…I started the process by “shopping” my own closet!

I got in the habit a few years back of picking out my outfits for the week on Sunday. It kept me from wearing just the same outfits over and over. Confession…I have A LOT of clothes…so much so that I turned a spare bedroom in my rental into a closet! Its sort of my thing. I firmly believe that you can never have too much to choose from! 🙂 So when I pulled this week, I stepped it up and tried to match some outfits with accessories!

Here are a few of the things I put together. It’s amazing how much an outfit can get pulled together by a great pair of shoes or a statement necklace!


Shopping List

I also put together I shopping list of sorts…hoping to narrow down what exactly it is I’m on the hunt for…

a long silver necklace…something simple, basic and long-

some professional-ish sandals…something with a heel and an open toe-

brown and gray, well fitting dress pants

a white button down with character…nothing plain and boxy-

black blazer…trendy, not pants suit-esque-

I’ve put some links in to show you just what I was aiming for! My style board on pinterest has some inspiration as well!!

So the list put a guideline of sorts around my shopping trips…kept my eyes on the prize which kept things as affordable and frugal as possible…of course!

Shopping Trips

My first finds were at a local consignment shop called Worth Repeating. I happened to go on a day when the entire store was discounted! Bonus!!

Work wardrobe, shoes, tops, blazers, pants, pinching dimes, frugal

I paid $7.80 for the white button up! It was originally $9.75. It’s from Maurices and has a great stretch fabric. It fits so well!! Very comfortable!

The second patterned top is from Alfani. It wasn’t on my list, but I couldn’t pass it up. It was originally $9.75 and I spent just $7.80 on it! It’s super cute and stylish!

The third piece was the long silver necklace with the white pearls. It was originally $5.50, and I spent $3.52. It’s from Express so I think it’s a steal.

The next purchases on my list came from Goodwill! Very excited about these finds! I found a great blazer and some Ann Taylor (…I LOVE Ann Taylor!!…) dress pants. The plants are black, which isn’t exactly what I was looking for, but for that brand at that price and with that fit…how could I possibly pass up? They just need to be taken in a bit, and I’m good to go!

Work wardrobe, shoes, tops, blazers, pants, pinching dimes, frugal

I scored the pants for $4.29 and the blazer for $5.99. The blazer is from Maurices and offers a trendy look and a good fit. My shoulders are a bit broad so blazers can sometimes be too tight across my back and can become uncomfortable. This one is slightly big…might be a good one to have altered eventually. You’ll also see in the picture a blue Gap shirt I picked up to try to flip. Goodwill has a $0.99 deal on Sundays, and it was such a good price that I thought it would be worth a shot!

My latest purchase off the list was some shoes! My favorite and the priciest by far! I searched through multiple sites trying to find a deal on what I was looking for. Most of the shoes that were the style I wanted were in the $40-$70 range. I ended up purchasing this pair from Target…and they had a buy one pair got one pair half off at the time. Of course, I didn’t pass on the chance to get a second pair!

Work wardrobe, shoes, tops, blazers, pants, pinching dimes, frugal

Work wardrobe, shoes, tops, blazers, pants, pinching dimes, frugal

I also got 5% off for using my Target red card! In the end I got both pairs for $44.81 and saved $16.20 on the purchase!

I think I’m well on my way to updating my look! Where do you look or shop for some wardrobe updates?


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