…ways I’m striking out in budgeting…

blog logo, pinching dimes, ways I'm striking out in budgetingThere’s one thing that consistently pushes me over budget…eating out!

I don’t struggle to say no to grabbing a quick bite on my own…but I hate passing up an evening out with friends!

I’ve been trying to brainstorm some ideas for spending less on these social necessities I so love! I’m hoping to find a way to stick to my budget while still savoring the fun!

Here’s my plan…

…coupons…In our city we get flyers in the mail with coupons for all sorts of local places. We also have Entertainment books available with coupons for lots of nearby areas. The key will be to see what coupons I have before choosing a place to go. It seems like it’s always taking awhile to decide where to go anyhow…so this could make that process a little easier and be a way to save!

…ordering the cheapest meal…It used to be that you could get appetizers cheaper than entrees (Am I dating myself here?), but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Honestly though, once I sit down with the menu I’m typically more concerned with what sounds good rather than with what has the best price. I suppose I could also try just ordering side dishes. Those are typically some of my favorite parts of the meal and ordering a couple of veggies has to be more affordable than ordering an entire meal.

…don’t order alcohol!…I know! I know! That should be a no brainer! Heck! I could buy the fixings for like 20 margaritas for the price I pay for one at some places. This one really needs no explanation.

…entertain at home….When I was house hunting I tried to look for a space where I’d be able to more consistently provide a space for entertaining. I’ve been renting a house that just doesn’t lend itself to that. It’s awkward layout works as a living space…but not for much else. So once I get settled in at my new place, let the parties begin! 🙂

I’ll keep you updated on my progress! Do you have any tips for saving when it comes to eating out with friends?

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  1. Our local high school football team does a fundraiser “value card” for local restaurants that get you freebies and discounts at the local places. You might check into those things. 🙂

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