The Big MOVE!

The last few months have been jam packed with house hunting, deciding to purchase, freaking out because I’d decided to purchase, realizing I have too much stuff, and then frantically trying to get rid of said stuff!

That process was what brought about the yard sale I shared about awhile ago…as well as lots of online sales wheeling and dealing!

One of the great things about downsizing and needing to sell things was that any new (to you) house will need work…which requires money. I also needed to clear out the property I purchased because the previous owner left a good deal of furniture and things. Some I kept and some I sold.

So basically I jumped between selling furniture between two homes, in two different locations which was a little complicated at times! 🙂


I started by just putting together a big album of pics on my own personal facebook page. It’s much easier to sell to people that you actually know than to some faceless stranger over the internet. I sold quite a few things that way! My next step was to sell through craigslist and through facebook sales groups.

There were a few facebook groups for the county and for the city that list specific items people are selling or garage sale listings. These groups actually set up the most sales for me…but they required a lot of work. I was so frustrated with  people flaking on appointments! But, ultimately, it made me some money so I had to take the good with the bad.

I also gathered together some of the clothing I no longer wanted/needed and sold some items on ebay. I seem to have the most luck selling athletic stuff there. Nike and Under Armour sell pretty well for me.

From all that selling I netted around $600! That put a pretty nice dent into some of the work I wanted to do on the house before moving in!


I also decided to keep some of the things in the house and just upcycle them or move them to a different space or use them differently!

As you can see here, the bathroom is teeny tiny. I absolutely couldn’t stand the retro medicine cabinet. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice. The area above the toilet had a second medicine cabinet that was much better. So I just took out the terrible one and put up the other in it’s place. The first had a light built in…so I found a sconce at the Goodwill Restore for $5 (literally!!!) and with some additional hardware from Lowe’s, I was able to get a new light up for about $11!

The new kitchen island is an old microwave cart! It’s actually a piece I took from mom’s. We think it came from my grandmother and is probably 20 years old. I just painted it with a green paint I had leftover from painting the front door of my first house! That was much cheaper than the $100 island I was looking at online!


There were a few other upcycled items that made the trip from that first house as well. Both were originally pieces of a set of stairs off the back deck. The stairs weren’t the right height so I replaced them and turned one piece into a coat rack and one of the stair treads into a small table. The bottoms of the table are from an old canopy bed!

I also got to use some light fixtures from the first house. I used one in the kitchen that is great because it allows you to direct the light, and the other I’ll use on the front of the house! I broke the one that was there! 🙂 Ooops!


Now that everything is finally in and settled for the time being, I can start getting some before and after pictures put together. I’ve only really worked on one room so far (it’s a long story)…cause I’m thinking I’d rather enjoy the lake while the weather is nice. Winter will be the time to get back at it! Until them, I’m enjoying just living in one house…and the water (of course)!


Want more details on my yard sale?! Check it out here!

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