You do what with your receipts?!?!

receipts, receipt pal, frugal, saving moneySo just because you’ve already spent the money, doesn’t mean the savings have to stop! Great news, huh?!?!

First things first – keep your receipts. Some may call me “old fashioned,” but I do still keep my receipts and record them in my checkbook…and then I balance said checkbook.

But the fun ain’t over yet!

Next, I use the app ReceiptPal. With this app, you earn points for taking pictures of your receipts, and you can use the points to redeem gift cards. You simply snap a picture of your receipt. ReceiptPal will validate your receipt (there are some qualifiers for receipts for information that must be included like merchant name, date of purchase, items purchased, total amount spent). I paid for a few Christmas gifts last year from a Target gift card I earned! It was a great way to stretch those holiday dollars!

receipts, receipt pal, frugal, saving money

After that, I pull any Walmart receipts and use the savings catcher tool on the Walmart app. The tool looks to see if there are any lower advertised prices on the products you bought at other stores! You get an eGift card for the difference if they find a competitor’s offering is lower than the price you paid at Walmart! Honestly, I’ve never gotten any money back on this one…but I figure it’s worth a shot!

Finally, I take all the Kroger receipts and follow the link to their survey website. For filling out the survey you get fuel points…and because I drive right past their gas station frequently it’s a great way to save on gas!


receipts, receipt pal, frugal, saving money, kroger

It’s a super simple way to save! A few pictures and a few answered questions can go a long way.

I know there are plenty of other apps folks use to save and earn. What are some of your receipt tips and tricks?

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