Laundry Day

Laundry, frugal, pinching dimes

Admittedly…I don’t do a ton of laundry and I don’t do laundry very often…Jealous? Yes! I know!

But when I do…I still try to be frugal about it!


Laundry, frugal, pinching dimes

For starters, I make my own laundry detergent. I follow this recipe on the blog Cornerstone Confessions. Here’s the link! I cut the recipe in half though since I don’t use much. I’ve found that it’s easier to grate the soap if it’s hardened so I take the bars out of the wrappers when I buy them.

It’s one of those dump it all together and mix it up kind of things! I’ve had some issues with the baking soda and washing soda clumping up a bit from time to time…which can be hard to pound out.  So if you have some tips on making the pounding out process easier, let me know! 🙂 Also, I don’t add any additional scents to the mixture with oils or anything so my laundry doesn’t come out with a particular smell like store bought detergent does.


The only loads I put in the dryer are blankets and towels.  Everything else gets hung up.

I’ve used all sorts of things and spaces for drying. There was a large traditional clothes line at my first house. I hung a shower curtain between two shelves and put things on hangers at the rental. I’ve also used small clothing racks.

Now I have this super huge rack that my grandmother bought me as a birthday gift! We saw it a local amish store, and I went on and on about a friend that had one and how much I loved it! I can literally dry an entire load of laundry on it! It’s super great…even if it does take over my entire kitchen on laundry day!

Laundry, frugal, pinching dimes

Loads usually take around 24 hours to dry inside on the rack, but since it’s just me and the dog I don’t mind so much! I love that it saves electricity, but also, in the warmer months, I don’t have any extra heat pouring into the house!

I can’t say exactly how much I’ve saved over the years on the air drying and by simply making my own laundry soap, but what you spend on one bottle of laundry soap would pay for all the ingredients for me to make several batches of soap. I would guess that one batch (for me half the recipe) lasts around 6 months….The time investment is well worth the savings for sure!

Have any tips or tricks on saving some money on laundry day? Please do share!! 🙂

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