Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

Bedroom makeover, closet, frugal tips

So I shared a few weeks ago about the house and the move…and a few have asked to see the inside – some before and afters!

But I honestly haven’t done much inside that’s photo worthy (besides scrubbing the place from top to bottom) because the house will need to be rewired…which will require the walls to be cut into…which will require drywall to be patched…which makes painting before that pointless.

Twist my arm! I’ll have to put off the joy of painting. So sad! 🙂

The only room I’ve done anything to is my bedroom, and I didn’t start out with the intention of even painting it right away. You see what had happened was…


The ceiling light fixture was just a bare bulb, and I wanted a ceiling fan. So while wandering through Home Depot one day, I found a ceiling fan that I liked the look of, and it was marked down!! Winner! So I bought it. I don’t even honestly remember why I was in Home Depot that day, but I do remember that it had nothing to do with anything in the lighting department…so clearly I was wandering around day dreaming!

***Side note…the darn ceiling fan ended up missing screws and the instructions said to put the blades on while the stinking round thing (technical term) was already hanging. Poor choice! It was definitely not a one girl kind of job…but I got the dern thing up there (after quite a bit of swearing and tears and, probably, some alcohol). It clicks while running, but it works! And that’s all I have to say ’bout that!**

Here are some before’s of the space. Yes! The walls were yellow! The back of the bedroom door is still yellow, as I’ve yet to touch up the doors and trim. And yes! That is a huge neon green stain on the carpet that the previous owner hid with the draping of some bedding…which I’ve chosen to hide with a throw rug! 🙂


Bedroom makeover, closet, frugal tips

In addition to a horrible light fixture the room had a terrible drywall job done on the ceiling (as do some other rooms) so I decided to texturize it to cover it up. Well it seemed smartest to do that before putting the fan up. So I did just that, but I didn’t buy enough of the first brand of joint compound product and had to buy a second brand…and they didn’t dry the same color…which meant I needed to paint the ceiling. And if I was painting the ceiling, it made sense to paint the walls.

Hence- one room completed!

Bedroom makeover, closet, frugal tips

Bedroom makeover, closet, frugal tips


The next project in that room was building shelves in the closet. I wanted to use it as a linen closet and have had things piled up on the floor in there since moving in. None of the bedroom closets in the house have doors…so there’s that. And I’m a neat freak, which means that I hated having a mess of things piled on the floor.

The plan was to put in shelves that were deep enough to hold some crates to store things, so I used those to find my depth and then gave myself enough height between the shelves to have enough clearance. I wanted the lowest shelf to be high enough off the ground to store a box fan underneath. This random planning gave me enough space for two shelves. I figured that I could use 2×4’s on the side walls and across the back of the closet and plywood to sit on top.


First, I used left over caulking from another project to fill in the gaps in the wood paneling around the closet. The house is quirky – meaning that nothing is level or square!

Bedroom makeover, closet, frugal tips

I had a rebate card from Home Depot that I got from buying the paint for the room, that I used to get the the plywood and screws. The helpful folks at the store cut  the sheets of plywood down to the correct sizing.

That left me with the 2×4’s! I was cleaning out some storage space at my parents’ house and came across some leftover 2×4’s from a project my dad had done, and because my dad couldn’t think of denying me, he let me have them…and he let me use his saw to cut the pieces! He’s a good guy like that! 🙂

After getting all the pieces cut, I began the install process. I put them up using the plan I’d originally mapped out and then slid the plywood on top! The entire inside of the closet needed painted along with the shelves, and since I had some nice matte white paint from having to paint that ceiling, I used that to finish it up!


Originally the project was only going to cost me about $3.00!! But, the first box of screws I bought to attach the 2×4’s to the wall weren’t long enough (rookie mistake)…and I killed my drill in the process and had to run out to local hardware store to buy another…which set me back $130. It wasn’t quite the cheap project I’d planned, but the drill will be so much more useful than the last. The fact that I even know anything about features I want in cordless drills is pretty great! 🙂 And my family might have been impressed that I even knew how to use dad’s saw! Here’s to gaining more life experience and trying to be frugal along the way!

Bedroom makeover, closet, frugal tips


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